JCI Foundation was incorporated in 1955 as a non-profit organization with the purpose of furthering JCI’s training, development and growth. Since its establishment, more than 3,000 members, friends and corporate sponsors from more than 70 countries have joined the Foundation, and donations have well surpassed the US$8 million mark. Such contributions not only ensure JCI's financial viability, but also guarantee that many valuable international projects are conducted each year.

The Foundation has funded numerous international projects that have provided assistance in training and development around the world. Each year the JCI Foundation makes a development grant to Junior Chamber International from the interest earned on the Foundation's cash assets. Assistance provided by the JCI Foundation is devoted the JCI Development Fund, JCI website improvement, and grants for JCI-sponsored training courses.

Projects Around the Globe

The interest generated from the JCI Foundation and the fund allocated to JCI’s Development Fund helps National Organization carry out important Junior Chamber projects. Through Foundation grants, JCI provided financial assistance in the form of development grants to encourage growth by supporting specific projects and training events in all areas of activities of JCI. Funds have been allocated for key projects, such as:
· To revive JCI National and Local Organizations.
· To organize international Training Courses.
· To increase membership in National Organizations.
· To establish new Local Organizations.
· To leverage new technologies and communication formats.
· To promote growth and development in all four Areas.
· To conduct JCI Training Academies.
· To provide National Leadership Training for JCI Trainers as well as for Area NOM Presidents and Secretaries.
· Development of new JCI Training Courses.
· Trials and testing of new courses.
· Travel for JCI Trainers to conduct new courses around the world.
· To help National Organizations organize Membership Strategy Forums.
· To assist National Organizations in conducting advanced Leadership Training Courses and Academies.